A Heart for Others

Campus life is not confined to the four walls of the classroom. It is about relationships, about building a strong sense of self in relation to others. It is about the environment to which you belong, the community that you help build.

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Laidback Yet Progressive

The 62-hectare campus, dotted with over 300 acacia trees, offers patches of greens where personal relationships are nurtured, spiritual nourishment facilitated, and the concept of quality student life redefined.

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5Cs of Silliman Education

Success and fulfillment are achieved only when one views himself or herself in relation to the larger community. We ask: "What with the best that I have can I share with others the most?"

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Asia and Beyond

Over 300 foreign students from more than 40 countries come to Silliman every year. The University also has a growing network of partners across the world, and a strong reputation in development work.

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Breathing Life to Arts

We sing with the birds. Our strokes move with the wind. And our words chase the sun's early morning kiss... May it be in performing, literary or visual arts, the campus is a cradle of creativity.

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College in Senior High

In the comforts of a campus named one of the world’s most beautiful, under programs touted as among the country’s best, with student services and facilities ranked as the region’s finest… you "experience college in senior high school."; In Silliman, our students in the Senior High do not just ask: ""What do I want to become?" They find answers to a question that resonates with an inherent characteristic to serve and lead a life of impact: "What -- with what I have and who I am -- can I share with the community the most?"

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