Schools & Colleges

College of Agriculture

Dr. Chona Fontelo Javier

College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Earl Jude Paul L. Cleope
4226002 loc 300

College of Business Administration

Dr. Gloria G. Futalan
4226002 loc 320

College of Computer Studies

Dr. Dave E. Marcial
4226002 loc 345

College of Education

Dr. Pablito A. Dela Rama
4226002 loc 360

College of Engineering and Design

Asst. Prof. Jesus Jr. G. Amiscaray
4226002 loc 280

College of Law

Atty. Sheila Lyn C. Besario
4226002 loc 306

College of Mass Communication

Dr. Rosario M. Baseleres
4226002 loc 255

College of Nursing

Dr. Evalyn E. Abalos
4226002 loc 500

College of Performing and Visual Arts

Asst. Prof. Diomar C. Abrio
4226002 loc 250

Divinity School

Dr. Jeaneth H. Faller
4226002 loc 540

Graduate Programs

Prof. Enrique G. Oracion
4226002 loc 365

Medical School

Dr. Walden R. Ursos
4226002 loc 599

School of Public Affairs & Governance

Dr. Jenny L. Chiu
4226002 loc 364

Institute of Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Asst. Prof. Jusie A. Bernal
4226002 loc 375

Institute of Rehabilitative Sciences

Asst. Prof. Cyflor E. Putong
4226002 loc 560

Institute of Service Learning

Asst. Prof. Deborah Mae C. Salem
4226002 loc 369

School of Agro-Industrial and Technical Education

Asst. Prof. Chuchi S. Montenegro
4226002 loc 363