College of Business Administration

Within the framework of the mission statement of Silliman University, the College of Business Administration (CBA) aims to inculcate in the students the philosophy of service to others, nurtured by the ideals of Christian faith as it prepares them for responsible leadership in agriculture, commerce, industry, and government. 

The CBA offers instruction and training in the generally accepted principles and practices of modern business including personnel, finance, production and marketing. The program in accounting explores accounting concepts, principles and practices in the effective accumulation, development, and communication of financial information for better decision making. Courses in management expose the student to concepts, principles and practices in effective business management. Courses in economics, business mathematics, statistics, computers, business research and law provide an understanding of the environment in which business operates and the analytical tools essential to effective decision making. Proficiency in technical and administrative skills and Christian values are given equal emphasis in the development of a total Christian personality in the business graduate.

The College seeks to attain these objectives through a system of selective student admission, superior instruction with a strong Christian orientation, and a high degree of attention to the individual needs of the student. The curricula are designed to be relevant to the needs of the community, the region and the nation, and abreast with the rapid economic, with the rapid economic, social and technological changes. Important linkages in the surrounding community are continually developed and sustained. These will provide opportunities for the students to be aware of problems obtaining in their immediate environment and to learn strategies in solving them.



The College of Business Administration was opened in 1938. Courses in accounting, secretarial practices and economics were offered. In 1947-48 a new program was inaugurated which went into full operation in school year 1949-50. The majors offered were the following: general business, banking and finance, business organization and management, economics, trade and commerce, and secretarial.

In 1957 the BBA curriculum offered a choice of only two majors: accounting ad general business; with a two year curriculum leading to the title of Associate in Commercial Science. Moreover, due to re-organization in the academic division of the university, the college became a division under the College of Arts and Sciences.

As a result of the educational survey led by Dr. William Fenn, the division was elevated to the status of the school in 1962. For six years the new School of Economics and Business Administration continued to offer two majors: accounting and management, plus a new major in the field of economics.

In 1968 the Board of Trustees again approved the re-instatement of the college to its present status. In February 1979, the Ministry of Education and Culture approved the newly structured curriculum, which combines the courses required by the government with the Silliman educational program.
On April 26, 1989, the college was awarded jointly by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports and the Professional Regulations Commission and Board of Accountancy, the Top Achievement Award for having achieved the third highest weighted average passing in the Certified Public Accountant Licensure Examination for the period of May 1977 to October 1988.

On May 14, 1999, Silliman University was among the 14 schools nationwide designated as a Center of Development in Business and Management Education by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). Said designation entitles the College of Business Administration an annual grant of Php 1,000,000 for three years.

The College of Business Administration now offers the following degree positions: Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, Bachelor of Science in Business Computer Applications and Bachelor of Business Administration majors on: management and entrepreneurship. It has continued its two-year secretarial course, this time with computer competency component.