Invest for Silliman's Future

In connection with its development plans for institutional advancement and enhancing relevance and reach, Silliman University is open to discussions in engaging our alumni and friends to collaborate with Silliman on mutually beneficial undertakings. We welcome proposals from individuals and organizations who would want to invest to meet certain needs of the University in the form of partnerships, joint ventures and build-operate-transfer arrangements, among others. Needs may include dormitories, laboratories, equipment, convention centers, and other amenities that support academic learning and knowledge exchange in Silliman, and which will enhance its capacities for whole person education.

Each joint venture, partnership or build-operate-transfer project to be undertaken shall be presented to the Board of Trustee for its approval

Among the University's priority development thrusts are to utilize its existing idle resources (i.e. land) to further improve the learning experience of its growing student population and address unfolding educational reforms, and to maximize revenues from investments to build up its scholarship fund in order to widen opportunities to study in Silliman for those who are academically qualified but financially having difficulties doing so. Endowments for chairs and faculty/staff fellowships continue to be welcomed as well.


Building up Silliman from an Institute to becoming a University, has been journey of faith: planting the seeds, and securing a dream of a bright future ahead.

Today, we invite our alumni and friends to take the continuing journey with us in our shared belief of the mission, vision, and values of the University. It is a journey of investment opportunities that creates an environment of unique campus experience, innovative research and inspiring teaching, within and across disciplines, and ultimately secures Silliman?s future.

Join with us in these exciting projects:


An area of 362.40 sqm. along the National Highway, beside 7-Eleven, North Road National Highway, is available for lease. The space along the National Highway is designated for store spaces for food and services or may be used for office spaces or other commercial activities.


A New Dormitory for Women is desired to offers modern, safe and state of the art facilities and amenities for women students, faculty and staff.  The dormitory will offer rooms for single and double occupancy and feature common and private baths and toilets. Its design will also include a common dining and lounging area for residents and visitors.

The proposed site is located inside the main campus, near the Silliman University Gymnasium and the Vernon and Pulido Halls. The rectangular shaped property is approximately 1,000 square meters and is within the residential zone of the campus..

Dormitory activities are integral part of the curricular and co-curricular experience of our students. As such, student activities within the dormitory shall be administered and supervised by the Office of Student Services.


International Dormitory Complex

The International Dormitory Complex is desired and envisioned to be composed of 24 housing units each having 52 square meter floor area with 2 bedrooms and 1 comfort room.  The complex will include a mini park, parking areas, and other amenities.  This would be ideal for international students and faculty or staff including Filipinos who wish for a campus environment that offers privacy and bigger living quarters.

This will be located beside Silliman Village, Piapi, Dumaguete City. The property is approximately 6,893 square meters. 

The location is outside the Silliman University main campus and it is easily accessible by public transportation.

Two Storey Duplex Residential Housing

The Two Storey Duplex Residential Housing project includes the construction of 4 units of 2 storey duplex housing facility with a total floor area of about 57 square meters (2 bedrooms and 1 comfort room).  The units will be made available to faculty, students and alumni professionals for rent.

It shall be located in Silliman Park, Bantayan, Dumaguete City. It is approximately   1,196 square meters. 

Silliman Park is located outside the Silliman main campus, (about 10 minutes ride) and is easily accessible by public transportation.


Construction of Portal East Building

The Portal East building project has been before envisioned to be part of the "Twin Portal Building Project in 2007" and will complement the present Silliman University Portal West building.

The site is located along Silliman Avenue beside the University House. The area is approximately 1,000 square meters.  Investors may put up a commercial building consistent with the Portal West architectural design.  The ground floor may be designated for store spaces for food and service franchises, while the upper floors may be used for office spaces or other commercial activities. The building is also suitable for a mid-size business process outsourcing companies.


Laboratories for Commercial Testing

The Commercial Laboratories project aims to attract providers of laboratory services.  These laboratories may be constructed in the main campus or may be attached to existing academic facilities that allow the potential investors to earn a return of their investment in equipment and at the same time give the faculty and students the opportunity to use the laboratory facilities for instructional exercises, and research under the supervision and mentorship of experienced professionals.


Food Services

The project offers spaces in the University for rent to food concessionaires who can offer safe and affordable quality food to faculty, staff, and students of the University, subject to supervision and sanitation prescriptions by the University and existing laws and ordinances of the City of Dumaguete.

Parking Building

The project is desired to be part of the strategic facility and infrastructure plan of the University to meet the growing needs of the students, faculty, and staff for campus parking and services. The sites are located near Flores Avenue, and the new Medical School Building, Vernon and Pulido Halls.   A multi-storey infrastructure may be ideal for these proposed parking facilities.


Modes of Collaboration/Partnership

Build-Operate-Transfer. The investor leases the land for a fixed term of about 15 years, and builds a structure on the land. At the end of the lease term, the ownership of the structure reverts to the University, or a new lease agreement may be negotiated. The agreement also provides for an annual rental fee with escalation for succeeding years.

Lease. Certain spaces in the University may be leased out to lessees for a fixed term.  The costs of renovation or the cost/s to get the space ready for us is borne by the lessee.

Fixed Income Arrangement. Competitive interest is paid to an investor for an amount invested in projects of the University over a specified term. The amounts invested may or may not be designated for a particular project (i.e. for a specific project A or placed in a general fund for various projects of the University) that may be for educational or commercial purposes.

Joint Venture. The investor and the University enter into a partnership arrangement, where each partner contributes assets towards project.  Usually, the University counterpart or equity is in the form of land or buildings, while the other partners contribute equipment, technical and marketing expertise.  Income from the project is shared based on a mutual agreement.

Rates can be negotiated based on the total cost of the project, term, or projected revenue stream.

Other considerations for investments:

1. Comply with the requirements/guidelines of the National Historical Institute (NHI). 

  • Applies only to the commercial or business projects within the designated University commercial zone. 
  • Implements site/landscape improvement work and established color schemes that are consistent to the architectural landscape of the University. 
  • Implements the NHl-approved architectural design schemes for the proposed project/s and observe reduction of commercial signages, billboards, posters, advertisements, both in quantity and size, that maintain a balanced overall historical character of the university setting. 
  • Secures all the necessary permits/clearances and other requirements, including appropriate Building Permit from the local government and Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). 

2. Comply with the prohibition of sale of alcoholic drinks and beverages. 

3. Strictly Observe "No smoking" policy. 

4. Policies, rules and regulations consistent with the University 

5. Benefits and privileges of the University guests, visitors, alumni and students

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Interested parties are encouraged to submit their proposals or inquiries to:

Vice President for Development
3/F LT Ruiz Administration Hall
Silliman University
Dumaguete City, Philippines
Phone Number: (6335) 422-6002 local 320
E-mail: [email protected]