A celebration of life

  • Honoring loved ones who continue to be a positive influence in our life. 
  • Commemorating their life in a place that had been close to their hearts.
  • Reliving memories of them in reflection and meditation. 

A testament of love 

  • Reaffirming our relationship with individuals who have made an impact in our lives.
  • Remembering persons who have inspired among us a sense of "self for others". 
  • Sharing memories of a Sillimanian with the rest of the Silliman community. 

A commitment of faith... 

  • Sustaining the Christian ministry of Silliman University. 
  • Enabling continuing support for Christian witness and proclamation in Silliman. 
  • Reinforcing a culture of gratitude. 

The Memory Wall aims at sustaining Silliman's Christian ministry and proclamations. It is envisioned to provide a venue for celebrating the life of a Sillimanian, in Silliman.


In the open area behind the Silliman University Church. An extension of a place of worship and fellowship. The place is significant because in the same area is the main access to the Catacombs, a historical feature of the Church and in the University. The main entrance to the Memory Wall is strategically situated between the Silliman University Church and the Udarbe Memory Chapel. Trellis decked with plants and flowers welcome families and friends at the entrance. 

A garden will make the space for the Memory Wall vibrant and conducive to reunions and fellowships among family and friends bound by a common memory of a loved one. 


Refitted concrete walls line the perimeter area, and individual stand-alone walls will be erected on certain patches of green. Stone slabs measuring 16 x 3.5 inches each installed to these walls make for a uniform and fine, elegant finish.

Each slab will feature the name of a loved one, the degree obtained in Silliman and year graduated. (For those who were unable to complete a degree, and those who only spent a year or a few years in the Elementary or High School Department, their name will appear along with the course or level pursued and the year last attended.)

Memory Gifts

Sillimanians and friends who wish to have a departed Sillimanian loved one’s name placed on the wall, are encouraged to consider a gift of at least Php10,000 per name, to the University’s Spiritual Life Program. The program will support Christian witness and faith-strengthening activities in the University including programs of Silliman University Church.


Frances A. Mariscal
Office of the Vice President for Development
E-mail: [email protected] 
Phone: +63 35 422-6002 local 224