Edith L. Tiempo+, Director Emeritus
Edilberto K. Tiempo+

University President
Ben S. Malayang III 

Vice President for Academic Affairs
Betsy Joy B. Tan 

The 56th Silliman University National Writers Workshop
Workshop Organization

Jaime An-Lim

Workshop Coordinator
Lady Flor Partosa

Deputy Workshop Coordinator/Finance Officer
Alana Leilani Cabrera-Narciso

J Marie Maxino, Marketing Officer/Assistant Transportation Officer
Hellene Piñero, Assistant Finance Officer/Overall Head, Physical Set-up

Working Committee
Moses Joshua Atega, VIP Relations Head
Rebecca de la Torre, Guests/Auditor Relations Head
Hermiesela Duran, Food Officer
Joan Generoso, Accommodations and Medical Emergency
Myla Patron, Food Officer
Ronelaine Picardal, Evaluations Officer
Charmaine Melaño, Publicity Head
Anne Riconalia, Food Head
Jennifer Solitana, Accommodations and Medical Emergency

Workshop Assistants
Mike Gomez
Valerie Durias

Transportation Officers
Philip Van Peel
J Marie Maxino

Screening Committee
César Ruìz Aquino
Ian Rosales Casocot
Jaime An-Lim
Myrna Peña-Reyes

To be determined