In line with the mission and the vision of Silliman University, the Culture and Arts Council designs and follows an annual cultural program guided by Faith, Instruction, Research, and Extension (or FIRE). The cultural program’s foundation is built on the three basic thrusts of education, namely Instruction, Research, and Extension – but it is Faith which binds these thrusts together for the efficiency and success of the Council’s goals.

The ultimate goal of the CAC is to efficiently and effectively spread culture, not only to the constituents of Silliman University, but to the whole region as well. With Faith in mind, the Committee will pursue this goal by strengthening its foundation, building bridges, and expanding territory.

The Council has the following general functions:

  1. To be in charge of bringing to Silliman University and the Dumaguete community various cultural representations aimed at exposing them, especially students, to all the arts. 
  2. To help promote Philippine culture by especially promoting Filipino artists. 
  3. To screen and/or audition university performing groups who wish to perform outside of the university and make proper recommendations to the University President. 
  4. To screen and schedule all cultural presentations at the Claire Isabel McGill Luce Auditorium, Silliman Gymnasium, Woodward Little Theatre, Silliman Assembly Hall, Amphitheatre, or elsewhere on campus. All student activities should be cleared with the Student Personnel Office. 
  5. To promote local talent by inviting other schools and institutions in Dumaguete City and Negros Oriental to perform at Silliman University.
  6. To provide a showcase for cultural research and for documented material icons and relics for public viewing.
  7. To make available funding to various arts groups of Silliman University or colleges in the university who may need support for projects, which are cultural in nature.
  8. To sponsor local, national, and international performers to schools in specific towns within the province of Negros Oriental.
  9. To continue the Fine Music Program, which is done once a week.
  10. To introduce Summer Creative Workshops, which include drama, dance, painting, drawing, creative writing, theatre acting and directing, photography, and Rondalla classes.
  11. To archive all programs, posters, CD and DVD recordings of all shows, exhibits, lectures, and fine music for documentation.
  12. To set aside a room at the Luce Auditorium or elsewhere which will house these documents and will exist as the Cultural Archive of the Culture and Arts Council.